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Auto Insurance Discounts To Ask Your Insurance Company About

Some people save money on car insurance by raising their deductibles and lowering their insurance coverage, but other people save money by taking advantage of all the available discounts offered through auto insurance agencies. If you are looking for a way to save money on your auto insurance rates, you may want to ask an agent about the following discounts you might qualify for:

Low mileage discount

Did you realize that part of the way insurance companies rate you is based on the mileage you drive each year? People who drive more may have a higher chance of getting in accidents than people who drive less. Because of this, you should inform your insurance company about the average mileage you put on your car each year if it is low. This may qualify you for a discount on your policy.

Military discount

Some insurance companies offer discounts to people who were or are currently in the military. If you served in any branch of the military in the past, or if you are currently serving, making sure you let your insurance company know so you can see if you qualify for a military discount. Some companies offer 10% to 15% off auto policies for this particular discount.

Safe-driving discount

One of the best discounts you can get is a safe-driving discount, and this is commonly offered by most insurance companies. If you have not experienced any tickets, traffic violations, or claims within the last five years, you probably qualify for this discount.

Defensive driving discount

You should also realize that you can qualify for a discount if you complete a defensive driving course. This type, of course, is designed to teach drivers how to drive safely and avoid accidents, and many insurance companies offer discounts on policies for people who take these courses. If you decide to take a course like this to receive a discount, make sure you choose a course that has been approved by your state.

Occupation discount

There is also a way to get a discount on your policy based on the occupation you have. If you work as an accountant, teacher, pilot, or nurse, you fall into the low-risk category of occupation, and this is something insurance companies consider when determining quotes for people. If you work in any of these fields, ask your agent if you qualify for a discount.

There are many types of auto insurance discounts available, and you may qualify for one or many of them. To find this out, contact an auto insurance company today.

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