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Lowering The Insurance Premium For Your Car: Three Tips

To drive your car you're going to need an insurance policy to protect both you and the vehicle. However, if you're trying to cut costs across the board, it can be frustrating to get high insurance quotes. Luckily, you have some control over these costs; there are specific changes and tasks you can undertake in order to see costs come down. Here are a few of the ways you might be able to whittle down that insurance premium.


While many people can't just pick up and move to another place, if you're already in the market for something new and plan to head to a new home or apartment, this can be a positive thing for your car insurance premium. You can look for places to live in neighborhoods that are typically considered safer and have fewer accidents and insurance claims. Generally, urban areas command much higher premiums due to the higher amounts of crime and collisions that take place there; you might be surprised at the difference in price if you only move a few miles away.

Go to School

A surprising tactic that some people have found to lower insurance premiums is seeking out higher levels of education. Typically, as your education increases, your costs to insure a car come down. Insurance companies use many criteria to arrive at what they'll charge people, and there has been some evidence that higher-educated persons file fewer claims. You might consider this idea, as you can save money while also giving yourself a better resume that can lead to a better, higher-paying job as well.

Clean Up Credit

You may already known that most insurance carriers run your credit score while compiling your insurance quote. However, you might not realize you're not at the mercy of whatever your score is. You can make an effort to raise your score in a way that lowers insurance costs. For example, you can examine reports to be certain mistakes are not on them. You can also pick up an extra part-time job so you can more quickly handle some of the debts that contribute to your score. As your financial situation slowly improves, you might discover you don't have to pay as much to insure the car you're driving.

With any of these three tips, you're likely to see the cost of insurance quotes and premiums come down. Work with an agent who can give you insight into even more ways you might save on these costs.

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