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Saving On Insurance For Your Teen Driver: What You Need To Know

Insuring a teen driver can be expensive, especially considering teen drivers are at the statistically highest risk of getting into accidents. However, if you have a teen driver, the good news is that there are steps you can take to possibly reduce those insurance costs without reducing coverage in the process.

Ask About Good Student Discounts

If your teen gets good grades, ask your insurance carrier if they offer a "good student" discount or something similar. Most of the time, an average of a "B" grade or 3.0 GPA will allow a student to qualify for this discount, and the savings can add up. Keep in mind that if your teen is in college, you may need to prove that he or she is enrolled full-time to claim the discount, but some insurance companies will provide the discount to part-time students as well. Providing your insurance carrier a copy of your student's most recent report card should be enough in terms of proof.

Save While Your Teen is Away at School

Speaking of teens in college, if your teen is a freshman in college, there's a good chance that he or she is not allowed to have a car on campus. This is a common policy among larger non-commuter colleges and universities to free up limited parking spaces on campus. If your teen won't be driving his or her car during the academic year, contact your auto insurance company to see if they'll allow you to suspend your coverage on the vehicle while your teen is away at school. This will allow you to simply keep the vehicle parked while paying for minimal coverage on it until the academic year is over.

Enroll Your Teen in a Driver Safety Class

Some auto insurance companies also offer additional discounts for teen drivers who enroll in and complete a driver safety course. These are available both online and in-person, and your auto insurance company may be able to provide you with a list of approved classes to look into. These classes can save you money on your teen's auto insurance while also teaching him or her some additional safety tips behind-the-wheel.

Paying for teen auto insurance can be a pain, but these tips should help. And keep in mind that if your teen has a job, there's no reason that he or she cannot pay for some or all of their auto insurance bill! For more information, contact a business such as Angel Auto Insurance.

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