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Things Your Home Insurance Policy Should Cover That Might Not Be Included

One thing you should realize about homeowner's insurance is that every policy is different. It is important, though, to fully understand what your policy covers, simply so that you can make sure it covers all the important things. A typical policy will provide coverage for your home and things if they are damaged by a fire, hail, or vandalism, but there are certain events that may cause damage to your home that might not be covered under your policy. Here are some of the things that might not be covered with your current policy.

Water Damage

Water damage is something that falls into a gray area with many insurance policies, but you could add this type of damage to the list of things that are covered under your policy. Water damage can occur in many ways; however, if water damage occurs from a flood in your neighborhood, it will not be covered. Flood damage is never included on standard home insurance policies, but other types of water damage can be.

If, for example, a pipe in your home bursts open while you are on vacation, this could lead to water damage. This type of situation would be called accidental water damage, and if you have coverage for accidental water damage, the event would be covered under your policy. Making sure that your policy covers this is important, as you never know when something like this could occur in your home.

Snow or Ice on the Roof of Your House

A second type of event that might not be included in your coverage is damage caused by snow or ice on your roof. While it would take a lot of snow or ice on a roof to cause damage to a house, there are times when this happens. If it snows a lot and ice builds up on the roof, it can become heavy enough to cause the roof to give out. If the roof falls in, you will have major damage to your house. You would need a new roof, most likely, in this case, and there would likely be damage to your attic and structure of your house. If water got inside the house, you would also have damage to a lot of other parts and things inside your home.

Being fully covered under your home insurance plan is vital, and you can get fully covered by contacting a home insurance agency today.

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