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3 Things Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy Likely Covers That You Might Not Know

Homeowner's insurance is designed to help homeowners protect their homes and belongings, but most homeowner's insurance policies offer protection for things other than just your home. In fact, here are three things your policy might cover that you might not expect.

Losses from a power outage

There are times when you may experience a power outage in your town or neighborhood, which might be the result of a bad storm or from a major accident of some kind. If the power goes out for just a short time, you might not experience any problems or losses, but if it goes out for days, you might experience losses. For example, you might lose all the food you have in your freezer and refrigerator, and you should understand that there is a good chance your homeowner's insurance policy would cover this type of loss. Additionally, if you lose power in the winter and your pipes burst because of it, your policy may cover the costs of repairs for the damage caused by a lack of power in your house.

Lawsuits and damages when your dog bites someone

Secondly, did you know that most homeowner's insurance policies offer liability protection? This protection is essential for situations where injuries take place with people who visit your home, and your dog biting a guest is a good example of this. If your dog bites a person and leaves the person injured, it is your homeowner's insurance policy that would offer protection for you and compensation for the injured person.

Property you do not keep in your house

The other thing you might not realize is that homeowner's insurance often covers belongings you own that you do not keep in your house. If you ever leave your personal property at work and something happens to these items, your homeowner's insurance policy might cover them. If you have a child in college, anything your child brings to his or her dorm room might also be covered. If you keep things in your car, your policy might also protect them if they are stolen or damaged while you have them in your vehicle.

While every homeowner's insurance policy is different, most offer coverage for these types of events. If you are not sure if you have enough coverage on your policy, or if you are paying too much for it, you can call around for quotes for homeowner's insurance from other companies.

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