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Auto Insurance Quotes — What You Get And What To Bring

Do you want to purchase or change your auto insurance? If so, your first step is generally to ask for and analyze an insurance quote. What will such a quote include? And what should you contribute to the process to get the best quotes you can? Here are a few answers. 

What Does an Auto Insurance Quote Include? 

An insurance quote, like quotes for other services, is an estimate of the price you would likely pay for various included coverages and limits. It's not a guarantee of pricing, of course, as some elements — like the dollar amount of individual coverage limitations or certain features of the car — may be estimated. But it's a good guide. 

The quote can also be tweaked or even completely replaced to help you find just the right mix of insurance coverage. Although you may only ask for one quote, it's a fluid document and could provide a variety of scenarios, like liability versus comprehensive coverage or the addition of roadside assistance or addendums to cover specific property. 

What Should You Bring for the Quote?

If you want a quote, you'll need a few common things. These include the following:

  • Name, age, and gender of all drivers
  • Address
  • Current insurance status
  • Length of stay and type of current home
  • Year, make, and model of vehicles
  • Year of vehicle purchase
  • Leasing or owned car status
  • Vehicle identification number

You should also include information about any special circumstances that may affect your driving or coverage needs. For instance, if one of your drivers needs an SR-22 certificate proving that they have coverage, the carrier will need to agree to provide this. And if you've recently begun working from home and won't be driving your car as much, you may be able to get a low-mileage quote. 

Where Should You Start?

Begin your search for a quote by researching quality insurance agents and carriers that service your area. An independent agent can create quotes from different carriers to help you shop for tailored coverage.

Take this time, too, to gather up the above information into one place so it's handy when you talk to agents. And think about changes in your life or your household that could be relevant and write them down. By planning this step in advance, you'll get the most accurate quote the first time around.

Once you have this information prepared, meet with an agent in person or on the phone to get an insurance quote. Then, you can start saving money and better protecting your finances today. 

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