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Do You Need Auto Insurance When Storing A Car For The Winter?

When you own a car that you drive only in the summer, you might wonder if you need to keep auto insurance on it all winter. After all, if you are not driving the car, do you need insurance? Before you rush to cancel your policy, you might want to know a few things about insuring a vehicle that you do not drive in the winter. Here are several vital things to know about insurance for a car you will not drive for a few months.

Canceling It May Leave a Lapse

If you have other vehicles on your policy, canceling the coverage on a car you do not drive is not the worst thing you can do. However, if this car is the only vehicle you own, canceling the insurance on it for the winter will result in a lapse in coverage. Insurance companies do not view lapses favorably. As a result, you will likely pay higher rates when you call in the spring to start the insurance plan again. Therefore, if canceling your auto insurance will lead to a lapse in coverage, you probably should not cancel it.

Updating It Is Smarter

The smarter way to handle the insurance on a car you do not drive all winter is by updating the policy. If you drive the car in the summer, you will need auto insurance coverage for it. You can purchase a basic plan that offers the minimum required coverage in your state or more. When you are not driving the car, you might think you do not need insurance. While you will not need as much insurance, you still need some coverage.

The main type of coverage you need is comprehensive coverage. This coverage protects your car against fires that might damage it or vandalism. When you store your car in a garage, barn, or driveway, it is still prone to these risks.

You will not need to keep liability coverage on the car, though. If you are not driving it, you take no risks of causing an accident that leads to damage to another person's car. You also do not need collision coverage because you will not have the risk of damaging your own car from a collision.

Some auto insurance companies offer storage auto insurance. If you can find a company that offers this coverage, it is the ideal type to choose for a car you store over the winter.

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